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You Can Place Your Order By Call Us On : 9931034265
How It Works
Washing Clothes was never so Convenient

Book your order online

Collection and delivery is free, just let us know where you are, office or home. We will bring a laundry bag - you don't need to do anything

Our facilities are so good, we guarantee you will be satisfied. We put a quality guarantee on all items

We will deliver your garments back to you, anytime and anywhere

Why Customers Love CWash

We are open from 8AM to 9PM, everyday.

We use products that revive your clothes and give a new feel to them.

Laundry price in very affordable rate.

Your clothes are delivered at your door with the perfect crease.

We schedule pick up and deliver as per your convenience.

If not satisfied ? We will re-clean your order for free.

We collect your donated clothes and spread your love & care to the needy ones. Comming Soon...

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